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Welcome to Cofounderworx.

Whether you are beginning a company or have partnered before, compatibility is key. Our leadership assessment measures CoFounders on the 5 Key leadership competencies critical for success. Cofounder Fit™ is the first proven leadership assessment designed specifically for Founding Teams that highlights potential red flags, provides personalized recommendations and a road map for success.

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Finding the Right Co-founders: Why Personality Matters

While there is plenty of information on how to create a company and manage an organization, there is a lack of content on how to account for conflicting personalities when starting a business. Avoiding personality conflict is essential to a company's success.

Running a startup brings out the best and worst in people. There are many books and articles about how to create a team and the latest way to manage an organization, but not enough about personality. A large percentage of startups fail due to inter-team conflict – not poor planning, but conflict between personalities that don't mesh. This friction is often highest among co-founders, especially in a startup.

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