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Compatibility is Key to CoFounder Success

We help CoFounders prepare, find and optimize relationships before conflict and inefficiency arise.



Leadership Assessment

Cofounder Fit™ is the first proven leadership assessment designed specifically for Founding Teams that highlights potential red flags, provides personalized recommendations and a road map for success.



Meet World Class Talent

We help you find a CoFounder that you will align with. Connect on our startup networking websites, accelerators, matchmaking services, meetup groups and more.



Leadership Development

Our team of experts guides you into successful partnerships, mitigating risk, avoiding conflict, creating successful teams. Schedule a session with one of out experts today.


The Optimal CoFounder Interview Guide

Feel more confident knowing what qualities to look for in a potential or existing CoFounder, plus the actual language to uncover your CoFounder's attitudes, values and alignment with yourself.


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Recent Research

In our work, 67% of Cofounders went out of business due to CoFounder conflict. Learn more from our panel of experts.