Services to help you find a CoFounder you align with.


Interview Guide

The Optimal CoFounder Interview Guide

Feel more confident knowing what qualities to look for in a potential or existing CoFounder, plus the actual language to uncover your CoFounder's attitudes, values and alignment with yourself.


LEadership Assessment/COACHING

Cofounder Fit™ + Coaching

Whether you are beginning a company or have partnered before, compatibility is key. Our leadership assessment measures CoFounders on the 5 Key leadership competencies critical for success. Cofounder Fit™ is the first proven leadership assessment designed specifically for Founding Teams that highlights potential red flags, provides personalized recommendations and a road map for success.


8 languages + 100 countries

CoFounder Community

Connect with CoFounders, tech and non-tech, in 8 languages and 100 countries worldwide.

Available 6/16/19.


CoFounder Screening

Find Your CoFounder

You will be screened to be either a tech or non-tech founder. We screen in 8 languages and 100 countries.

Available 6/16/19.