Why does My Cofounder Do That?
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Why does My Cofounder Do That?

Interview a group of Cofounders about interpersonal dynamics between them and their other founder and you’ll very likely hear “I just don’t get why they do this or that!” It’s a common refrain, one that points to the difficulties of a sound Cofounder relationship. To improve this relationship, it’s important to look inward at one’s own motivations and feelings and to work diligently to build trust.

Every Interaction is a 50/50

There are two sides to every conversation. It’s important to remember that every interaction with your cofounder involves each of you contributing to 50 percent of the conversation, which includes actual speaking, body language, etc. It’s not a superior-subordinate dynamic where the “superior’s” opinion often needs to carry more weight because they’re fully responsible for the other’s wellbeing

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