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Join Silvana Aloisio at How to Choose your Co-Founder in 2018

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by NYC Startup Academy

As people rush to form a company, many don't take the time to understand the person that they'll be partnering with. There’s a difference between knowing someone and knowing about them. Was friction inevitable or could it be prevented? Two years ago, Julia McNamara, of CoFounderworx set out to answer that question. In its work with a global tech accelerator, CoFounderworx found that 67% of teams broke up due to cofounder conflict, often within the first 3 years. The rigor of her research with 4,500 cofounders was supplemented by her prestigious Executive Panel - comprised of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and academics from such prestigious institutions such as Columbia Business School, Insight Venture Partners, Comcast Ventures and ATT.

CoFounderworx’s research led to the development of the only science-based leadership assessment designed to measure cofounder compatibility and predict success and failure. Using their outcomes, companies and investors can put strategies in place before conflict and inefficiency arise.

In this interactive session, McNamara will allow participants to take a portion of the test and explain its results.

The assessment has not yet been released to the general public and is being offered on an exclusive basis to qualified CoFounders. For more information, contact

Over the last 20 years, Julia has worked as an entrepreneur, growth advisor, corporate intrapreneur and coach to tech, consumer and professional services firms. After a bad car accident in 2008, she went back to school for a Masters in psychology. Her work leverages her operating experience when working with individuals and teams to improve their leadership skills such as self-mastery and team effectiveness. She utilizes evidence-based coaching techniques drawn from psychology, neuroscience and leadership development.

Highlights include:
- Senior team - Datamonitor - sold to Informa for $1B in 2008.
- Senior team - Messageclick - sold to Verso Technologies in 2000.
- helped set up an internal strategic investment fund for BellSouth - reviewed 100+ business cases and personally helped develop, launch and lead a messaging business.
- worked as a management consultant for Price Waterhouse
- lived overseas for 5 years, fluent in German, conversant in Spanish, set up teams in 70 countries.
- wrote the Business Plan for the Bike Lid for CBS Business Plan competition - concept licensed to 1996 US Olympic Bike team. Company later sold to Clearchannel Communications in 1999.
- MBA, Columbia Graduate Business School
- Former Co-President, Ellevate, NY
- Former mentor, Eugene Lang Fund

For 4 years, she worked as an Advisor to several Northern European governments, helping them select and launch their most promising tech start ups in the US. For the last 7 years, she has worked as an executive coach for Columbia Business School's Leadership Labs. In Spring 2016, she worked she worked as a Guest Lecturer for Athena/Columbia Business School and LIU Post's Women In Leadership Programs. Her clients are current and future leaders from AppNexus, Google, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, UBS and smaller, more entrepreneurial firms.